Re-Evaluating the Songcraft

Where to begin? The last week has definitely been a long one of many thoughts and contemplation. Getting an honest opinion on our new music from reputable producers in the city has definitely taken my mind for a ride in more directions than I would like to admit. Feeling like we’re back at square one would be an overstatement, although I think skipping square one … Continue reading Re-Evaluating the Songcraft

Music is Dead, and we all killed it…

It’s an odd paradigm that we live in right now, where more people than ever are listening to music, yet the value of music has plummeted drastically. This isn’t some attack on file sharing or anything of that sort; this is just a general observation which I’m sure you will agree. For instance, if the year was 1726 and you had an opportunity to hear … Continue reading Music is Dead, and we all killed it…

Cold Driven’s New Music Video

Our friends over at Cold Driven have just released a music video for the single “Heavier than Heaven” from their latest album “Steel Chambers”. I must admit, I am really impressed with the production value, the video looks amazing, and it also does a great job of capturing there energy. If you have never seen Cold Driven play live, what your seeing in the video … Continue reading Cold Driven’s New Music Video

A Brief History of Living Illusion

Founding members, and brothers, Jason and Shane Lamotte had been born and raised in Northern BC, in a small town called Fort Nelson. Jason was born on June 1 1981 and Shane on April 30th 1984 to Shirley and Murray Lamotte. The two of them began their musical training at age 6 and both performed nationally at Music Fest Canada for there talents. When Jason … Continue reading A Brief History of Living Illusion

Cowboys Exfest – July 21st 2006

Cowboys 1st Annual Ex-Fest- Edmonton AB – July 21st ’06 The event was the Cowboys first ever Out Door Ex-Fest sponsored by Budweiser and we we’re honored to play. We played with a group of selected bands including Minority Music, From The Ground Up, and Disaster Bloom….. Now here’s some back story. The morning of the show Jason decided to go to Sylvan Lake outside … Continue reading Cowboys Exfest – July 21st 2006