A Brief History of Living Illusion

Founding members, and brothers, Jason and Shane Lamotte had been born and raised in Northern BC, in a small town called Fort Nelson. Jason was born on June 1 1981 and Shane on April 30th 1984 to Shirley and Murray Lamotte. The two of them began their musical training at age 6 and both performed nationally at Music Fest Canada for there talents. When Jason completed his high school in 1999, the family decided it was time for a change of venue and relocated to Parksville in southern BC.

Jason came to that moment in life when he had to decide what to do with the rest of it. He was faced with the idea of leaving a town he had known all his life and going off to college. Always musically inclined it never occurred to Jason that he could be anything other than a musician, so after graduating he moved to Grande Prairie Alberta and started working towards his Bachelor of Arts. While there he met fellow musicians and had joined a band of his own. Jason only lasted two years in college but now a musical vision had begun to form. Dissatisfied with Grande Prairie and strapped for cash he returned home to Fort Nelson, home of many different oil rigs and mills (also known as money) while Shane was still finishing high school in Parksville. After being in a town of 50’000 for two years returning to a place 1/10 th its size was hard on Jason. Despite having grown up in Fort Nelson he now found the small town frame of mind something he could no longer understand. With Shane’s coming graduation in 2002 and the contemplation of a musical project with him, Jason jumped at the chance to get out of dodge.Music for Shane has been in his blood since he could walk. At age 6 he started playing the piano and by the time he was 13 he had expanded his musical interests to include the saxophone and guitar. In addition to playing in the school band he also formed his own band in Parksville with other like-minded individuals.

In addition to music Shane has a head for business, starting a web-based company by the time he was 16, it was not surprising when he began to use his talents for web design on the band. It went almost without saying that he would handle the financial aspects of the band, which include organizing and completing orders for their newly released, self-titled CD. Shane couldn’t have been more different than his older brother while they were growing up if he had tried. Soft spoken and thoughtful he was almost Jason’s exact opposite. It was well known that the boys had there differences growing up and so when they decided to let go of there past for the sake of something they both loved there were some who were surprised. The idea, however, paid off greatly when they found Owensound Studios and began to put their ideas to work. In music the boys found a way to bond, and the music world shall be grateful they did.

Both of these young men have been involved with music for as long as they can remember. Between them they play a variety of instruments including the piano, saxophone, guitar (bass, electric and acoustic), and trumpet. While they were influenced growing up by bands like Metallica they still manage to have a sound that is truly their own, instead of ending up sounding like a high paid cover band. The brothers had a talent not only for the musical side of being a musician but also managed to mix, record, produce, write, and well you get the picture. These boys can do it all. It will be nothing short of amazing if they DON’T find their way to fame. It is easy for any who know them to picture Jason playing music until he dies with Shane heading up a multi-million dollar record company.

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