Living Illusion Philosophy

Musicians and other artists have a responsibility in this day and age to rise to the occasion. To say the things that everyone is thinking and feeling but rarely communicate. They need to be the ones digging deeper, asking bigger questions, and bringing it all into the light for others to look at.

An artist should be able to encompass it all, from the need for social reform, thoughts of life, death and the things between, to observations on the nature of reality. They should be at the cutting edge of the evolution of consciousness.

Music should enhance society. It should help push the boundaries and dissolve the paradigms that no longer support the reality of a global community. With the plethora of un-evolved ideals ingrained into our current society it’s time to take action. We can no longer live as if we are only free to do as our governments tell us.

We have to stop accepting the fluff entertainment and garbage news that we’re force fed by the media. It’s detrimental to our society, culture, and life in general. It’s time for people to wake up, become educated, and be aware of the life that we create. We must push today’s minds so that people can realize who they truly are, and see life in a new way.

Our goals are to challenge perceptions and shine light on different ways of thinking; to assist in breaking away from that which holds us back, to inspire others to actively participate in the creation of their own way of thinking/feeling/being.

Change yourself and you change the world.

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