Living Illusion in the Fort Nelson News

So something pretty cool, Jason and I were featured in this weeks edition of the Fort Nelson News, the local newspaper in our home town. Funny thing about it, I used to delivery that paper all over Fort Nelson when I was a kid, this must be my good karma. Here’s an excerpt: Brothers Jason and Shane Lamotte, born and raised in Fort Nelson, moved into a … Continue reading Living Illusion in the Fort Nelson News


The Living Illusion song “Disconnected – (Kenton Thomas Splice)” was featured on the One Year Anniversary Edition of the Weekend Confirmed Gaming Podcast with Garnett Lee! I’m personally a huge fan of the show and I think that everyone who’s interested in gaming should listen to it. On this week’s show they talk about the games Dragon Age 2, Homefront, Ghost of Sparta, and Tera … Continue reading Our WEEKEND Just Got CONFIRMED!

Living Illusion EPK Promo Video

Check out our new promo video for the band. It was produced, filmed, and edited by Dan Holden of Phase Productions and My Sister Ocean. He did an amazing job and we’re super happy with how it turned out. Stayed tuned for some more video footage coming soon once we officially release the new album online in less than a months time. Check out the … Continue reading Living Illusion EPK Promo Video

The Future of Today’s Musician – Press Release

No longer content to work hard only to have their fate decided by multi-million dollar corporations, musicians are beginning to take business into their own hands. More often than not musicians are now choosing to be independent, not because they have to be, but because they want to be. “With the exponential growth of technology, musicians every where finally have the tools & vehicles to … Continue reading The Future of Today’s Musician – Press Release

Distant Replay – Vue Weekly

THIS WEEK: Shane Lamotte discusses Silverchair’s Frogstomp You have to give Living Illusion credit: the Edmonton band has not only put out an independent CD, which they just celebrated at a release party a couple of weeks back at the Sidetrack—but they’ve also accompanied it with a DVD featuring an acoustic song and an interview with the band. Pretty ballsy for a group that is … Continue reading Distant Replay – Vue Weekly

Arts & Entertainment Scene – Edson

Hear I sit, listening to downloaded clips from one of Edmonton’s new rock bands Living Illusion. My editor forwarded a press release he received from the bands 21 year old marketing director, band manager and lead guitarist Shane Lamotte titled “The Future Of Today’s Musician”. Interestingly, the gist of the release was not directly promoting the recently released album by the band, but was a … Continue reading Arts & Entertainment Scene – Edson

Living Illusion – Self Titled – CD Review – PunkTV

“This disc has been a labor of love spread out over about 3 years for the Lamotte Brothers, and it is easy to hear that they’ve spent a lot of time developing their hard rock sound.  There’s a good mix of soft parts leading into crunchy riffs, with great lyrics and a lot of harmonies on the disc.  This band has gained a certain measure … Continue reading Living Illusion – Self Titled – CD Review – PunkTV