Supernova – July 22nd 2006

Supernova – Battle 2 – Edmonton AB July 22nd ’06 Past

Alright, well I’ll make this one short and sweet. Basically after winning the first Supernova battle of the bands we were invited back to the finals where all the winners from the first round compete to crown the best of the best. It took place at the TransAlta Arts Barns the same place as the Edmonton Fringe Festival. There were a slew of bands competing and lots of people whom we have played with before; the night essentially went like this:

Twelve bands playing in a 6 hour period, basically the style of this gig is “get on, play your shit, and get off”. Every one’s set was very quick roughly 25 minutes per band. I’m not going to go over the performances of all the bands, but we got play last and here’s a list of the other bands that played… I may comment on how they played…..

Here’s the order: Style Plus Grace, Lateslip, Last Chance Hollywood, Radio for Help, Unbalanced, Toast, Vanilla Villains, Methodical Breed (they won, and are heavy as hell), Cheat2Win (well these guys are basically our other half so playing with them is always awesome), Stereo Therapy (also another great band who did one helluva Rage Against the Machine cover), and last was us.

Needless to say in an odd turn of events the bands that won 2 nd and 3 rd didn’t win anything even though they were supposed to, which is odd… any way, we got to share our music with more people and had a great time playing.

The show was quoted as “It was the best Edmonton had to offer in a 4 month grueling competition spanning over 5 shows. Methodical Breed took home the championship and had the opportunity to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd in fall 2006.”

Nuff said.

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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