Cowboys Exfest – July 21st 2006

Cowboys 1st Annual Ex-Fest- Edmonton AB – July 21st ’06

The event was the Cowboys first ever Out Door Ex-Fest sponsored by Budweiser and we we’re honored to play. We played with a group of selected bands including Minority Music, From The Ground Up, and Disaster Bloom….. Now here’s some back story.

The morning of the show Jason decided to go to Sylvan Lake outside of Red Deer for the day… this of course was decided after pulling an all-nighter and getting zero hours of sleep the night before. By the time I got home from the daily grind he was passed out at my place and we had to be at Cowboys for our gig in the west end of Edmonton in less than an hour. So, we did all our running around (picking up gear etc) and met up at Cowboys with the rest of the band, we still had 30 minutes to spare, everything was going smoothly.

…Or so we thought…Once we arrived and scoped out cowboys we realized that the gear provided by cowboys was not going to suffice, so we had to drive back to the north end of Edmonton doing a good 50k over the speed limit to pick up some extra gear only to make it back to Cowboys with 5 minutes before we had to go on stage. Although the promoter was a little scared for a moment we hit the stage at the exact moment we we’re supposed to and everything was sounding awesome.

It was pretty damn good for an outdoor gig I must admit. There were a lot of people in the crowd, and every one was starting to perk up and listen to our music. We got a really good reaction from all those that listened and the promoter was ecstatic when she heard us play our tool covers. It was a really rocking time and I would totally love to go back and play it again next year.

After our set was done we loaded stuff into my car, and decided to take advantage of our 20 free drinks to get the night going. After pounding back a couple of beers and listening to the last couple bands play we decided to bail and hit up the liquor store, where we purchased a 26er of whiskey.

On arrival to home we figured it would be fun to play drinking games to the original Batman movie… the one from the 70’s… Yah basically the rule was, whenever any one says something completely retarded like say “a ball point banana” you drink. We were drunk within 10 minutes of the movie.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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