Free Music for Video Content Creators

Living Illusion is offering free music for video content creators (and for podcasters too)! I’m not sure how the whole creative commons music thing goes, but we’re giving away our music royalty free, all songs for free! Whether you need podcast music, free music for youtube, soundtrack music, documentary music or what ever creative project you need royalty free music for, you can use our songs! We are a writers and creators of new hard rock music but we do have some stuff that’s not too heavy if you take a listen.

This page has been especially created for people to use our catalog of works in their reviews, videos, vlogs, movies, short films, blogs, animations, podcasts and various other multimedia related uses. We only ask that you credit us in your work when you use our songs (please also email us to let us know your using it so we can post a link to your videos on our site as well!). Our music has previously been used in videos created by That Guy with the Glasses at and Philip Defranco of the Philip Defranco Show at

I have also included a brief description for each song to make it easier for finding a song to suit your needs. Stars have been placed next to songs to show when a song has recieved radio airplay, is considered a single or one that you just need to have. Also, if there are any customs songs or music (covers of your shows theme song, video game covers, original compositions, etc) that you would like created for your projects please contact to see if its possible.


All our music can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp:


Be sure to let us know if you use any of our songs 🙂

3 thoughts on “Free Music for Video Content Creators

  1. Hey, i’m loving the music it’s amazing. I’m planning to play your music on my twitch stream and i wanted to know how you’d like to be credited for it? The song title and album will be displayed while the song is playing and I want to put a link back to this website so others know where to find the music. Is there any other way you would like to be accredited? Keep up the brilliant work!


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