The End is Nigh! Plus Bass Tracking Video :)

Dear god, after months and months of being in the studio the finish line is finally approaching. We’ve loved every moment of being in the studio and it will just be amazing to be done this mammoth of a project (and we can’t wait to start playing live again!). So it’s been a while since I’ve updated any thing but let me tell you I … Continue reading The End is Nigh! Plus Bass Tracking Video 🙂

The Wall of Sound aka Guitar Tracking!

Here’s a video from the guitar tracking sessions at Beta Sound. Kevin Hoskin (Our Engineer) and Nathan Kidd from Long Way Down (Our Assistant Engineer) set up the mics and teched the amps for the recording sessions. We recorded the amps so loud that we blew up the Marshall Plexi. I’d say we used a lot of amps, but I think the video speaks for … Continue reading The Wall of Sound aka Guitar Tracking!

Guitar Setup and Recording Has Begun!

So we’ve finally rigged up this massive lot of sweet guitar amps! We’re running a Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Marshall Plexi, Deizel VH4, Randall, Orange, Top Hat and a Burman, plus a couple more vintage tube amps. It’s going to be a massive wall of sound, and if you don’t know, yes we will be running all the amps at the same time. We’re shooting for … Continue reading Guitar Setup and Recording Has Begun!

Drums for the New Album Sound Freaking Huge!

Last weekend we recorded all the drum tracks for the new album. Kevin (Our Engineer) and Bill George the drummer from Portal spent their Friday night at the studio teching, tuning, and seating the drums for the Saturday recording session. They set up so many microphones on the drums, I swear there was over 24 mics set up… and some weird mics I had never … Continue reading Drums for the New Album Sound Freaking Huge!

Recording Update – Tracking Starts Next Weekend!

After an intense month of pre-production at Beta Sound with Kevin we are finally ready to start tracking! These songs have gone through so many amazing changes and we’re all really excited for what’s to come. We have one more rehearsal / pre-production session then we’re replacing all the skins and teching the drums with Bill George from Portal in preparation for drum tracking. It’s … Continue reading Recording Update – Tracking Starts Next Weekend!

Studio Sessions – Pre Production

Here’s the second of many quick little videos that we’ll be making at the studio during pre production. The pictures in the video were takin while we were hammering out song arrangements and working out all the tempos for the new tracks. Being at the studio is addictive and every thing is going really really well. I can’t wait til we start tracking drums sometime in the … Continue reading Studio Sessions – Pre Production

Studio Sessions – Moving Day

We are officially moved into Kevin and Bills studio inside Beta Sound! Since moving in we have already done intense amounts of pre production and our tunes are sounding incredible. We’ve been filming a lot of the process and I’ll be posting some videos of the Studio Sessions for the duration of our time at the studio. Starting with this one: Expect more to come! … Continue reading Studio Sessions – Moving Day