Living Illusion – Self Titled – CD Review – PunkTV

“This disc has been a labor of love spread out over about 3 years for the Lamotte Brothers, and it is easy to hear that they’ve spent a lot of time developing their hard rock sound.  There’s a good mix of soft parts leading into crunchy riffs, with great lyrics and a lot of harmonies on the disc.  This band has gained a certain measure of success in and around Edmonton, as well as the rest of Canada, with a commitment to create quasi-epics like the final track “Whispers”, which is by far the best on the album… a lengthy journey that takes you on a roller coaster ride of hard rock.”

“One of the best songs is the untitled acoustic bonus track, which finally shows us some of the different facets of their songwriting ability.  If I had my way, this song would be treated as an integral part of the CD, a central track, instead of just being thrown on as a bonus as a kind of afterthought.  The disc is good, and we should all really watch out for these up and comers, especially if they take time to branch out into other genres and embrace a little diversity in their sound.”

7 out of 10
Brent Francis

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