Living Illusion in the Fort Nelson News

So something pretty cool, Jason and I were featured in this weeks edition of the Fort Nelson News, the local newspaper in our home town. Funny thing about it, I used to delivery that paper all over Fort Nelson when I was a kid, this must be my good karma.

Here’s an excerpt:

Brothers Jason and Shane Lamotte, born and raised in Fort Nelson, moved into a small apartment in downtown Edmonton in 2002 with one goal in mind: to get serious about their music careers. What started as just a few guys jamming in a garage in Fort Nelson was beginning to form into something greater. With little money, a couple guitars, and a whole lot of ambition, the brothers sat in their smoke filled apartment and started to work on their first album. When released it would be a self-titled album called, “Living Illusion.”

If you would like to read the article in it’s entirety you can download and read the PDF here: LivingIllusionFortNelsonNews.pdf

Special thanks to Leah Edmunds at the Fort Nelson News!

– Shane Lamotte

One thought on “Living Illusion in the Fort Nelson News

  1. Just stopping by to see how you mofos are doing. Everything sounds really good so keep up the good motherfucking work and rock the fuck out like a true gangsta would up in this mf bitch!!! GO!!


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