The Future of Today’s Musician – Press Release

No longer content to work hard only to have their fate decided by multi-million dollar corporations, musicians are beginning to take business into their own hands. More often than not musicians are now choosing to be independent, not because they have to be, but because they want to be.

“With the exponential growth of technology, musicians every where finally have the tools & vehicles to compete with corporate artists,” says Shane Lamotte, Lead Guitarist, Manager and Director of Marketing & Sales for Edmonton indie band Living Illusion. “Musicians are becoming successful self-employed business owners, not just talented artists. After all, who’s better at selling a band than the band itself?”

Technology advancements in video and music recording combined with the growth of the internet have at last made it possible for musicians everywhere to get songs in front of their target market without having a lucrative bank roll. There are many advantages for Musicians who choose to stay independent, from the ability to retain creative control, to the amount of profit they can personally make.

“If we’ve written, produced, engineered, marketed, promoted, managed, and sold records for our own band, what sense would it make to have some one else take over so we receive 5 cents per CD we sell? All we’re doing is cutting out the middle man, and taking the power back.”

For more information and for an entertaining interview, call Shane Lamotte at (780) 904-7625.

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