The Living Illusion song “Disconnected – (Kenton Thomas Splice)” was featured on the One Year Anniversary Edition of the Weekend Confirmed Gaming Podcast with Garnett Lee! I’m personally a huge fan of the show and I think that everyone who’s interested in gaming should listen to it. On this week’s show they talk about the games Dragon Age 2, Homefront, Ghost of Sparta, and Tera to name a few.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 52: 03/18/2011

Click here to download the Podcast.

Featured Music “Disconnected – KTS” by Living Illusion: 01:41:58 End: 01:45:10

Here’s the little write up they posted for us: Living Illusion is an independent rock band hailing from Edmonton Alberta Canada (also the home of BioWare). The song “Disconnected – (Kenton Thomas Splice)” is a remixed track off their new album “Suffering”. Both versions of the song and the full album are now available on iTunes. For more from Living Illusion check out their official site, myspace, youtube, or facebook page.

Special Thanks to Del Rio and Garnett Lee for choosing us to be featured on the show!

– Shane Lamotte

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