Guitar Setup and Recording Has Begun!

So we’ve finally rigged up this massive lot of sweet guitar amps! We’re running a Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Marshall Plexi, Deizel VH4, Randall, Orange, Top Hat and a Burman, plus a couple more vintage tube amps. It’s going to be a massive wall of sound, and if you don’t know, yes we will be running all the amps at the same time. We’re shooting for 9 – 10 amps total, but even if we only use 7-8 it’s still going to sound amazing and freaking huge.

Today was basically a night of getting sounds, figuring out what the best sounds are from each amp and building their sound out to compliment each other. This is definitely the most exciting part of the recording process for me, seeing as I’m a guitarist that obviously makes sense. I am essentially tapping every amp resource I have available to make this possible and the fact that I got the Diezel amp is out of this world. Special thanks to Ryan Chipeniuk of Grounded Star for that one, YOU ROCK!

After we get all our sounds we’ll get started on recording rhythm guitar parts then do leads and overdubs later in the week. Any way, that’s all for now, I’ll post something next week of the guitar tracking. It’s going to take 7-10 days to get all the guitars done so I’ll have lots of pictures and possibly another cool video to post.


Shane Lamotte

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