The End is Nigh! Plus Bass Tracking Video :)

Dear god, after months and months of being in the studio the finish line is finally approaching. We’ve loved every moment of being in the studio and it will just be amazing to be done this mammoth of a project (and we can’t wait to start playing live again!). So it’s been a while since I’ve updated any thing but let me tell you I have been busy as all hell. I’ve been working my ass off to pay for this record so I don’t go into hella debt, it’s been an intense summer. Hitting the studio multiple times a week, working full time and working most weekends DJing or doing web development. I am in need of a vacation.

But hey, your not hear to listen to me bitch! So here’s a new video of the bass tracking sessions at the studio:

Our bass player for the record (and hopefully forever!!!) Dave Stoten (Owner, Producer and Engineer from Fail Safe Studios) rocked the bass like a master. Kevin Hoskin as always engineered the sessions. In the coming weeks I’ll have another video of the acoustic guitar session and of the vocal tracking sessions, just need more hours in the day to put it all together

Alright, back to work.


Shane Lamotte

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