Drums for the New Album Sound Freaking Huge!

Last weekend we recorded all the drum tracks for the new album. Kevin (Our Engineer) and Bill George the drummer from Portal spent their Friday night at the studio teching, tuning, and seating the drums for the Saturday recording session. They set up so many microphones on the drums, I swear there was over 24 mics set up… and some weird mics I had never even seen before (what the hell is a ball and biscuit mic!?). Needless to say their hard work paid off and the drums sound sick!

Props to Cal Beaudion (our drummer for the new record) who did an awesome job, he played drums like an animal and hammered through everything in one day, that guys a freaking machine! Also, a special thanks to Bill George for being our Drum Tech, and to Nate from Long Way Down for Assistant Engineering during the recording session. In the next couple days I’ll post some videos of Cal playing drums at the studio so you can get a feel for what the drums will be like on the new record.

Tomorrow I’m headed into the studio to hear all the edited drum tracks. We took a little break from the studio to give Kevin and Bill Kennedy some time to finish up the Order of Chaos and Chunk projects that are also on the go. It has been a good week of rest, was starting to burn out and get a little sick there for a while. Have to stay healthy and steer clear of the swine flu! LOL, hahaha.

Last, here’s a little video for you from the drum session day:


Shane Lamotte

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