Jager Bombs with Flaw in Atlanta, GA

In November last year I had the rare opportunity to see Flaw play live. Flaw has been a band that I have been following for years. They broke up for a couple years after they got dropped from their label and the lead singer started a side project called Five.Bolt.Main., another band that I was a big fan of as well. After Five Bolt toured for awhile but they ended up calling it quits and Flaw got back together.

Although, saying a band got back together these days can be kind of misleading. What it should say is, the lead singer decided to use the old band name again and got permission to run the band with out the old members. That wasn’t quite the case with the “NEW” Flaw until the other original member aside from the lead singer got his Law degree and called it quits, man being in a band these days is difficult to keep the members together…

Anyway, I went to the Flaw show in Atlanta and it was fucking awesome! The performance itself was wicked, Chris Volz voice is amazing and he can still sing and scream so perfect, he’s a vocal machine. After their set was over, I got to hang out with the band and even had the opportunity to chat with Chris. I asked him about his experience working with Producer David Bottrill (He produced one of the Flaw albums… David’s claim to fame in my opinion would have to be that he Produced Aenima and Lateralus by Tool).

By the end of the night I was known as the crazy Canadian and we all got pretty drunk on Jager bombs. I have a picture of me with Chris Volz and also got one of there new T shirts signed by the whole band. I’m going to frame it and throw it up on my wall… I’m a music nerd what can I say. As a sidenote, the venue was a creepy as shit place… it was definitely my type of rock bar!

In closing, if you ever get the chance to see Flaw play live you should definitely freaking do it, they rock… and when their new album comes out BUY IT! Support good music. (Wikipedia update: On April 29th, 2009 [the day before my birthday] the band posted a blog on ‘their’ myspace stating that Chris Volz had been kicked out the band for extensive drinking, being drunk while performing, and for domestic violence. They are currently looking for a new vocalist.)

Well, so much for my last comment, ha. I guess it’s good I saw them when I did.

Shane Lamotte

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