Thoughts on the Leaked Wolverine Movie

I guess I’m the one nerd who has decided not to watch the cut of the new Wolverine Origins film that got leaked. Every body that has seen it has essentially said that it sucked serious balls, but I personally am still going to go and spend the money to go see it in the theatre. Part of me is starting to believe that maybe the studio knew how bad it was going to be so they purposely leaked it on to the internet so they could use this as an example. An example for what you ask?

Well, basically the Fox studio who produced the film is already projecting how much money they have lost because of the fact that the movie was leaked onto the internet before it’s release date. It was released almost a month before it’s release date, which is quite a while in advance. I’m pretty interested to see how well it does and if they actually have a foot to stand on, because honestly, even though the 10,000 days album by Tool was leaked on the internet before hand that didn’t stop me and millions of others from buying it.

I question as to whether the people who download these movies (especially ones that are work prints and not finished) would even have paid to go at all. Cause that’s the thing, if it wasn’t for the fact that you can easily download these movies illegally for free these people would probably just not watch them and choose more wisely what they we’re going to watch and spend their money on. Who knows maybe people and kids would go outside more and enjoy the outdoors.

With all that being said about the movie, I have heard great things about the new Wolverine game that is coming out. It is being made by the same studio as the X-Men Legends and Ultimate Alliance games. It’s not the same style, it’s a third person, more god of war styled game, and it looks sweeeet. I heard you actually get to dismember people using wolverines claws, it’s about time!

Which brings me to my last point. I haven’t seen the leaked Wolverine film, and don’t want to. I will go see the new wolverine movie even though it won’t be the Rated R bloodfest I was hoping for. It’ll most likely still be better than half the shitty movies hollywood puts out these days. If I don’t enjoy the film, it won’t be because of anything to do with the work print that got leaked, it’ll be because it’s PG 13 and a steaming pile of shit.

God I hope Hollywood doesn’t bastardize another Marvel character…


Shane Lamotte

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