Holy Shit We Have a New Jam Space!

Holy BuJesus (Yes, that’s right, Buddha and Jesus) we found a freaking Jam Space! No, no, wait, that’s not right… we actually HAVE a Jam Space! It took months to find out that nothing was available in Edmonton, so now in this positive turn of events, I am completely relieved and totally stoked that we finally have a place to rehearse. I’m actually heading out there tonight to start hauling gear!

Special Thanks goes out to our buddy Ryan who is the one offering up the space for us. Without him we would be stuck back in the world of tirelessly trying to find a rehearsal space so thanks man!

That’s all I’m going to update for now but Ill post more as things get moving double time over the next few weeks.

Hope you had nice holidays and are ready to take on the New Year!

Shane Lamotte

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