No Time Like the Present

I haven’t been DJing much the last few months as the Wedding scene in Alberta has pretty much dried up… or should I say frozen over, haha, that’s a terrible joke. Anyway, DJing has been picking up a little bit here with all the Corporate Xmas parties going on, but beyond that it’s been slow. I guess the main reason why I’m writing about this is because usually, when ever I DJ, I have some down time during the beginning of the night to do some writing of my little rants and such. Lately, my time has been so filled with website work that I haven’t even had time to blog at all. Next week though, I’m going to Ft McMurray, Slave Lake, then back to Edmonton for the last day of DJing (3 in a row), so that should give me some time to do some writing.

One cool thing that I recently did while I was in Atlanta I had an opportunity to set up a project plan for the band, which is rather intense in as far as how deep it goes. It maps out what needs to be accomplished in order to get the band to where we want it and getting there will be no easy feat. For the new EP we’ve had our songs picked for the last 3 months and it’s so frustrating that we haven’t been able to rehearse them simply due to this whole space issue I have been going on and on about in previous blogs. In the mean time we’ve been trying to get together the visual elements and aspects of the new record with designers. I think next week Jay and I are going to re-work some lyrics and melody lines on our own, got to keep moving forward.

On a personal note, looks like I’ll be back on Van Isle come Xmas time and I look forward to seeing every one back home. I wish I had a new album to take with me, but I guess that will just have to wait til next time. I imagine some drunken debauchery will ensue, and this time I’m going to ensure that it does.

Jagger Bombs any one? Haha.

Shane Lamotte

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