Calling All Designers, Artists & Photographers!

Hey everyone we’re looking for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Artists and anybody who wants to contribute Artwork to our upcoming Album… and YES, if you’re professional you will get paid (well, as long as it’s reasonable)! As opposed to just opening the yellowpages and hiring people to work with us, we figured why not send out a call to you all first and see if there’s anybody out there that wants to work with us on the LI project. So I guess I should start by giving you more of a break down of what we’re looking for:

– professional photographers (for shoots in and around Edmonton)
– graphic designers to help us develop a look and feel based around the new album
– web developers to integrate the new art and designs into Word Press & MySpace
– and last, anyone with wicked Artwork who want us to use it in the album!

And hey if you know somebody that you think would be a perfect fit, then feel free to drop me an email ( about their wickedness and I’ll contact them myself! Those who work with us will get full credit for the job that they do. Hope to hear from you soon.


Shane Lamotte

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