The Jam Space Treadmill

Well, what can I say? I felt pretty bad about leaving the band to go to Atlanta for 17 days and focus on work not music. Sadly it made no real difference what so ever because we’re still without a jam space. Like how the fuck are we supposed to work on music when we have no where to play? I’m practically waiting for the real estate aspect of the economy in Alberta to go into the shitter so there are places to rent. It’s gotten so pathetic now that I’m looking at buying a god damn house just so we can have a place to rehearse.

Since before the summer we’ve been trying to find a permanent rehearsal space, and we even found something that worked temporarily. It’s too bad that that place wasn’t heated, and that it was a pretty much condemned building. The basement in there felt like it used to be a freaking crematorium. Although I do wish that place would have worked out long term. I hear they’re now turning the space into rental apartments so there’s no chance that we’ll be playing there ever again.

So where does that leave us? Well after my three week ad in the See magazine got us nothing except for some random phone calls that never panned out, although it was pretty funny when people from other bands started calling me asking if I had heard anything cause they too were looking for a place to rehearse. It’s a sad scene for bands in the city that don’t own/rent a house or have their parents garage to jam in. I’ve called every one I know, emailed them, facebooked them, called places to rent office space, called warehouses. There is nothing affordable and available.

With that, I guess I’ll just put another ad in the See Magazine, one in the Vue Weekly and maybe even throw a classified ad in the Sun and the Journal. There has to be something or some one who has space that they can rent out. Hell we only need it on evenings and weekends, just like an unlimited local call cell phone plan. Common universe, help us out here.

If you know of any possibilities drop me a line

Thanks for listening to me rant.

Shane Lamotte

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