Cleveland Browns Demolished the Giants!

Today is my last day in Cleveland and it has been one helluva a trip. I wasn’t sure how it was gonna pan out when I first got here, but now I’m really glad that I came to town. My flight leaves in about 7 hours to head home and I still have one last place to go before then, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’m pretty excited to go there (for obvious reasons) but so far the high light of the trip has definitely been going to the Cleveland Browns vs New York Giants NFL Game last night. It was utter insanity.

Seeing as I’m in Canada I never watch the NFL, or understand why every one down here is so into it, but god damn. I can compare last nights regular season NFL game to the final playoff round in the NHL when your city is in it. By that I mean that the fans are fucking nuts! I have never ever seen (until last night) a family of 4 with young children who are cheering for the away team be called assholes in massive chants by the home team fans for so long that they get up and leave the stadium. Just messed.

People here take there football very very seriously, it actually makes me want to go to another game… and seeing as I don’t have a “team” I think after tonights experience, I will be cheering for the home team no matter where I am, haha. Shit the cops even came in and threw out a guy wearing a Giants Jersey, it was most likely for his own safety as the Browns fans were going to eat him alive. It was just wacky all night long like that and besides the fans going nuts, it was actually a really good Football game.

For my first NFL experience, it was pretty freaking amazing. Every one (well other than Browns fans) were expecting the Giants to continue there 4 game winning streak and win last nights game, but to the predictions dismay, the Browns beat the Giants by almost 20 points. There was even an interception that turned into a 90 yard touch down for the Browns. It was a really good game and the Browns played their heart out. By far my favorite player on the Browns team is Cribbs, damn that guy can run (look him up online if your interested).

All in all, NFL Football is something that if you truly want to experience you have to go to a game. The TV does not do it justice at all. I’m really glad I went and hope it’s not the last game I get to see. On that note, I’ve gotta get my shit together and head over to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I’ll blog about my other fun experiences when I get back to Edmonton, everything from seeing Joe Satriani Live at the House of Blues, to getting shit pissed in a bar called Cadillac Ranch… and yes they played that Nitty Gritty Dirt Band song, lol, felt like DJing a wedding all over again.


Shane Lamotte

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