Trials & Tribulations

Wow, I can’t believe its been three weeks since my last post, and that was when I was in Cleveland. Since I’ve been back, the distractions of life and difficulties of pulling the band together have hit again. Now that fall has come to an end and winter is pretty much here, our unheated jam space is no longer an option for rehearsing and we are falling behind. Having a place to rehearse is a huge road block (if not the biggest) especially since studio time is right around the corner.

In the last few weeks I’ve frantically been trying to find us a new place to rehearse, which you’d think wouldn’t be that hard, but it’s quite difficult when the real estate market in Edmonton is utterly stupid and none of us own a house. Sometimes I feel like the economy works against artists and musicians, but then again, whether it be housing or gas price fluctuation’s I think we’re all affected equally. With that said, we’ve come up short with finding a new rehearsal space and everything is on hold until we get one. It’s almost to the point where I’m going to need to buy a home on the outskirts of Edmonton just so the band can have a place to practice.

So I guess this isn’t so much a rant as it is a plea. Do you want or know some one who wants to make some extra coin that has a heated garage or space that won’t be getting used this winter in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or Leduc (seriously we’ll drive out to Ft. Sask if we have to)? LOL, Who in there right mind would give up their heated garage in Edmonton over the winter, we are so fucked.

“Looks like the band is really ‘in a jam’ this time. Will they possibly be able to avoid a ‘jarring’ conclusion? To find out, tune in again next week, same L.I. time, same L.I. channel!”


Shane Lamotte

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