Goal Setting is Good :)

Tonight I decided to sit down and set some goals for myself. In a matter of no time I wrote down over 40 goals that I have. I was quite surprised at how much I actually needed to write all that down and get it on paper and out of my head. It was everything from travel plans to music goals, to swimming with dolphins and hosting my own radio show. I wrote down short term goals, future goals, and lifetime goals.

When I started I was completely lost as to where to begin so I just essentially google’d “online goal setting” and found this really freaking cool website called http://www.8goals.com. It’s a wicked place where you can save, track, and easily set up all your goals and plans. I know this is kinda sounding like a pitch for 8goals.com, but honestly if you want to set goals then I highly suggest that site cause well, it’s free.

For fun here’s some of the music goals: Record EP, Redesign LI Look & Feel, Find Host Venue for the 2009 CD Release Party, Organize Western Canada Tour and last Open for Chevelle on a World Tour, hehe. Some personal ones that were kinda cool are: Try Scuba Diving, Meditate in India, Sail the Carribean, Host a Radio Show and Write a Book… that last one is an ongoing work in progress. Either way I’m so glad I wrote all these down!

Do you ever do any goal setting? Like 5 year plans? I think that’s what I’m going to work on next. Not really sure why I wrote this blog about it but hey, maybe you can relate, all I can say is that the future looks promising and that goal setting is good. If you’re not already doing it, then you should get on it. Haha, next I just need to start making a budget, Ugh.


Shane Lamotte

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