A Night for the Progressive Thinker Show

What a rough Monday it was after our show on the 19th, although the rough Monday meant it was a pretty damn good weekend, and a good weekend it was. On Friday we hit the stage at the Starlite Room with two incredible bands, Pure City & Atlas Shrug. Both bands were freaking amazing and it was killer to share the stage with those guys, hopefully we’ll be playing together at some shows in the future.

All in all the show was really fun. The crowd was good, and the night was great. When we got there for sound check it took quite a while to get everything together as I brought in a bunch of recording gear to record feeds off the mixing board. Our sound guy did a great job of putting it all together and a special thanks to him for not killing me when I told him we wanted to do multi-track recording with out any heads up.

We were the last band to go on, and I must admit we weren’t as tight as we usually are and we had to sacrifice some decibel levels in order to do a proper recording, but either way it was still fun and we had a good crowd stick around and watch. To say the least, thanks to Art Szabo (You Rock Dude!) for an enlightening last show before we head into the studio to record the New EP.

To finish the night we we’re lacking wheels so three car loads of gear in my Focus later I made it home around 4:30am and passed out only to wake up the next day and head out to the Portal CD Release Party and do it all over again (minus the performing on stage, loading gear, etc). Yah… I’ve got nothing else to write, lol.


Shane Lamotte

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