Portals CD Release Party Was Wicked!

The Portal show was freaking awesome, and I have the swag to prove it! Even though we played on Friday at the Starlite Room, I think I was even more excited to watch Portal play at Jet Nightclub on Saturday; and let me tell you – they did not disappoint. It was such a fun and inspiring night, and now I’m even more stoked to be working with these guys on our new record!

So we got to Jet at around 9 (half way through Long Way Down‘s set) to join the crowd of an already pretty packed house. We grabbed some beers and made the rounds meeting up with lots of friends who had also come out. There were tons of people there, and it was really nice to see that so many other musicians in the city had also come.

When Portal hit the stage I was front and center. They played the whole Blood Red Tape album and I was rocking out like no tomorrow. I literally got my face rocked off, seriously it’s gone, that’s how good it was. The guitars were heavy, the bass was fat, the drums were incredible and the vocals were spot on. It was an awesome show, and I was so happy that I got my hands on the new album in advance; that way I could scream the lyrics out at Kenton while they played, it was fucking sweeet.

After their set was over we drank some more beers, got some swag signed, and chatted it up. The next band Fenix Foundation played a wicked set and when they finished I was starting to burn out so we called it a night. All I can say is, if you weren’t there you seriously fucking missed out and I highly suggest you get your ass out next time Portal plays, it was that good.

Until next time, “keep fit and have fun” (Fucking Body Break, hahaha)


Shane Lamotte

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