Does Anyone Even Read These?

It’s interesting to blog every week and not know if anyone is actually reading them. Haha, I guess I’m just writing to satisfy my own desire to write, so it doesn’t really matter… although it would be nice to see a comment from someone on the bottom of one of my blog postings 🙂 Anyway, on to an update, what’s new in the world of Living Illusion you ask? Well here it is:

We’ve finished writing all but the last few songs for the new album (’bout time if you ask me) which means the whole writing process should be wrapped up within the next month or so. From there we will start rehearsing and re-working the songs we have been writing for the past year to get them ready for the high end recording studio and for playing live this summer. The plan is to do a western Canada tour this summer/fall whether the new album is released or not.

It will be a much needed change for us to get out there and play live again, being stuck in a room writing every week is taking its toll and it’s time we hit the stage. Based on the many requests we’ve had to come out and play we intend on hitting up lots of places from BC all the way to Manitoba. If you have any where that you want us to come play drop me and email and I will try my best to get the band there.

In other news, Jason is gone to Mexico for a week, and then next week I’m going to California for 5 days. Other than that, I got a new Black Berry, took the Guitar in to get Setup for D Standard Tuning (Drop C), and all of my expensive gear is still sitting in the closet collecting dust 😦 you know, the usual. Haha.

And with that, I’m done, have a good weekend.

Shane Lamotte

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