Back from Sunny Beaches

Have you ever been to Venice Beach in LA? It’s like being at a Hippy Crafts Festival with thousands upon thousands of people walking along the street buying and selling crap that no one really needs… and oh yah, did I forget to mention all the Psychics and Tarot card readers? Haha, it was awesome! I must admit the beach itself was pretty damn sweet and all in all it was a fun experience. Los Angeles is a really cool place to visit but I doubt I could ever see myself living somewhere like that. The 16 lane highways are a little insane, and there are more people living in California than the entire country of Canada… I’ll pass on living in the population overload.

One cool thing while I was away was that I had an opportunity to take an entire day and write a new song on a George Benson acoustic guitar (Google it, it’s pretty sweet). The wonderful lady I stayed with for a couple days designed the pearl logo on the head the guitar so she got it for free and never really plays it, the axe just sits in the corner collecting dust all year… it’s sad when beautiful guitars never get played. I made up for lost time with the axe and now I too have a song that I can say I wrote in California, haha… lame.

Now that I’m back from Cali and Jay is back from Mexico we have a lot to finish up on, and more new stuff to record. We have made a decision about recording and writing though, and have set our self a time line to get the band back together. After these last few new songs are done we won’t be working on writing material any more, and we will be focusing on getting out there and playing our new material live. Even though it may take a little longer to have the new album out, that just means if you want to hear it, you’ll have to come see us play. Don’t worry though, we still plan on having a new album out this year… you may just have to see us live first before it is released.

And with that I’m crashing.

Shane Lamotte

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