Electronic Music is Good for the Soul

This weekend after beating my head against the wall for about 6 hours working on music for Living Illusion, I decided to switch gears and do something different. I hooked some sounds up to my recording software and played around with it until I ended up with this: http://www.livingillusion.com/LookWhatICanDo.mp3

Definitely a deviation from our regular music that’s for certain, but what can I say I like electronic music (well some of it, happy hardcore I could do without). Sometimes I think, when I find the extra time (haha), I should write a full electronic album. It’s always fun to do something different than what you would normally do.

Although I am and always will be a rocker I’m still a huge fan of bands like Daft Punk, Jimmy Swift Band, Blue Quarter, and other electronic artists. There is just something about electronic music in how it can express an emotion or feeling without having to come right out and say it. I think that’s what I find the most beautiful.

I think this is also why I love Dream Theatre & Metallica’s Instrumental tracks. Expressing emotion purely through sound. No thinking is involved. When you hear lyrics and try to understand what they say you miss the rest of the music… and vice versa. Only amazing songs have the perfect balance between lyrics and music, and they are hard to find.

So anyway, take a listen to the track and if enough people like it maybe I’ll take some extra time to work on this stuff. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


Shane Lamotte

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