Time for an Update!

I can’t beleive that this year has gone by so fast, it’s already half way through July and the summer is in full swing. How’s your 2007 been going? Anything new and exciting? I think to the outside world it seems like this year has been going a lot slower for the band than usual, but I assure you that is not the case.

After the many email requests in the last couple weeks for an update on what’s been going on with Living Illusion, I figured it was time to sit down and write. So, here I go. Initially about a year ago I wanted to have our 2nd album done by the end of May 2007… Well, that didn’t happen. Wishful thinking more than any thing else I guess.

Now it’s July, and essentially here’s where everything stands: We have currently written and recorded rough cuts for 15 new songs. Of these 15 we will be picking 10 tracks that will make it to the final cut. The songs for the final cut will all be Re-Recorded & Produced to ensure we get the sound quailty we’re looking for.

At this point, our CD Release Date is going to be some where in the Fall/Winter 2007 (so note going to happen). Once we get the CD done, we’re going to be getting some music videos together along with a Western Canada tour to get the new music out there. Hopefully we’ll be in your area so you can come and check us out.

As we have been working on the new album non stop we haven’t really gotten out to play many live shows this year. With that said we do have a couple shows that we will be playing August long weekend.

The shows that we have booked are as follows:

On Friday August 3rd we will be playing in St Paul AB. We’re going back to one of our favorite small albertan towns to play at The Loft. These guys know how to party and we always have a great time.

On Saturday August 4th we will be playing in Edson AB at, and I quote, “the largest permanent beer garden structure we know to exist anywhere”. We’re going to be playing for over 272 Baseball teams with roughly 20 players a team (you do the math). It’s gonna be one of our biggest and best shows to date. We’re the only live entertainment for the night and the show is open to any one old enough to get into the Beer Gardens.

Feel free to come on out and rock with us.


And as always drop me a line any time, keep in touch, and I hope your having a great summer (or winter if you live in Australia).

Shane Lamotte

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