Starlite Room w/ Econoline Crush – April 16th 2007

Starlite Room w/ Econoline Crush – Edmonton, AB – April 16th 2007

This was probably by far one of my most memorable experiences to date with being in a band. Between the simple email from Brent Oliver saying “Want to open for Econoline Crush” all the way to the actually experience of playing the gig itself, the whole thing kicked serious ass.

Growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s Econoline Crush was a household name in Canada. Fuck I was on cloud nine for at least a month when I knew we got the gig, plus we were getting to play with “Art of Dying” another seriously kick ass Canadian indie rock band. Did I mention this gig was amazing?

So like any other gig we arrived for sound check with all our gear, but as we looked around we realized we were playing on monkey toys compared to the Stacks of gear that the other guys brought with them. After we loaded in I got introduced to Trevor Hurst lead singer of Econoline Crush. That was pretty cool. I also got to hang out with the guys in the green room.

So as the night progressed we were first to go on to a pretty packed house, playing our style of Toolish hard rock which every one thoroughly enjoyed. Being on stage knowing that in just a little bit Econoline Crush would be coming out was a very cool experience. Shit I listened to these guys when I was in Middle School. Big Shiny Tunes much?

So we played had a great time, and stuck around for the rest of the night to hang out and watch every one else play. After every one was finished I got a couple pictures of myself with Trevor and then called it a night (had to work in the morning).

In a nut shell, it was phenomenal and I can’t wait til’ I’m on the road playing with more great bands like the ones that we got to play with on this night.

Special thanks to Brent Oliver for thinking of us!

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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