The Locker Room – August 3rd 2007

The Locker Room – Edmonton, AB – August 3rd 2007

The night before we had to play the Edson Kinsmen Slo-Pitch Tournament we decided it would be a good idea to play a gig and get our feet wet seeing as we hadn’t played for a live audience in a few months (It was essentially an extra practice). Luckily I was able to get a last minute gig through a friend of mine Paul Husband.

Paul connected me to the people at The Locker Room, whom oddly enough I already knew. It was Art from the old metal act Methodical Breed (Art was also in a band years ago with our drummer Sean). Art set us up a last minute gig at their venue downtown over by the Starlite room.

Art is there booking manager and head chef… odd combination but awesome none the less. So we got there pretty early as we had to run our own sound that night. After fighting with there system and multiple calls to there usual sound guy we got everything hammered out and set up.

A few of our friends made there way over to the venue and there were a good number of people in the room for us to play to. We essentially played the same two sets of music that we were going to be playing the next night in Edson. Needless to say the crowd was impressed.

I was surprised by how nice and low key the venue was, people were actually coming in off the street and into the bar simply because they heard us playing…. Got to love that. We rocked out our usually style, sold some CDs, and T-Shirts, and like it began the night was over.

We got some free beer and hung out with friends for a while before we called it a night and tore all our gear down.


Shane Lamotte

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