Live Concert Footage! Check it Out

As the year of 2006 is slowly coming to an end I figured, why not reminisce a little about the last 365 days and maybe even give you a little early holiday present, Living Illusion style 🙂

In the last year, we played over 24 shows, spanning across 1500 kilometers, meeting tons of other bands and getting to know some great fans. Our first album (self-titled) received independent radio airplay across Canada and even made it to the top of some of the hard rock charts. It has been an amazing time for the band and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

With that said, I have got a present for you! Last week after a writing/recording session the band and I decided it was time to go through all of our concert footage and find some really good live videos to post on the site. We went through about 6 hours of footage and found our favorite segments to share. I know that some of you have never had an opportunity to see us play live, so hopefully these will help you share in the experience of being there.

Press below to check out the footage now:

Also, as a side note, in the following weeks we will be hitting the studio to get moving on pre-production for our next album. The majority of it has already been written and now it’s time to start recording. It’s very exciting to be getting back into the studio to cut a 2nd album!

Be sure to check out the new videos and drop me an email to tell me what you think. Thanks again for all the support.

Keep on Rockin!

Shane Lamotte

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