Snow Anyone? Writing & Recording update…

So two weeks ago I was in Halifax, Nova Scotia checking out the music scene and enjoying the Atlantic Ocean. It was a beautiful plus 15 degrees Celsius outside and for the end of October it was damn nice. Then 8 hours, 4 coffees, 3 movies, and 2 plane rides later I ended up back home in Edmonton, with a car under half a foot of snow and nothing to clear it off. Awe, beautiful Canada, I guess I should be used to it by now.

Now that I’m back from my East Coast journey, the band and I have kicked our writing sessions up a notch. Getting together multiple times a week has paid off as we now have over 8 new songs written and a bunch more on the way. The next step is to head into the studio and get all the songs recorded for pre-production.

On this new album we will be using a lot more unique sounds and styles to give the album the full depth and dynamic that it deserves. Many diverse ideas have been floating around and we intend to push beyond the boundaries & traditions of the hard rock music industry. To say the least it is coming together very nicely and will be a testament to our growth and evolution over the last year and a half.

As our new songs become completed we will be sure to give you a preview before the rest of the world gets to hear 🙂 Other things to note; I have added more show reviews on our websites Tour page and have added more articles to my Blog section. We’re still working on pulling some video clips for you to view from our previous shows; they should be up soon.

Every day is busy and our fans like you grow ever day. Thanks for the support and feel free to drop me an email any time.


Shane Lamotte

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