Living Illusion on CityTV, Plus More

Watch the interview here:

It feels like just yesterday it was the beginning of the New Year, hard to believe that we’re already a month and a half into 2007. None the less, the band has been hard at it in the studio recording new material and getting ready for the release of our 2nd album coming out this summer. With over 9 new songs recorded and bunch more on the way, this year is turning out to be very gratifying and successful even though we havent been out touring.

Synchronicity also happens to be on our side this year and it’s already showing up in the form of a Television interview with Edmonton’s CityTV (a CHUM Network). Because of our efforts over the last few years we have been fortunate enough to catch the eye of a local broadcaster whom decided to do a piece on us and on what it takes to be an independent band trying to cut and album and make it in the music industry.

The interview took place at our recording studio in Edmonton and gives a great look at the ‘behind the scenes’, from the challenges and difficulties to the time spent getting all the pieces together. The segment will be awesome 🙂 and will also show a sneak peek at some of our new material that’s in the works.

The story is going to be running on Thursday, February 15th 2007, on Edmontons CityTV at 6:30PM during the “yourCity” show.

Also, as a side note, if you dont get CityTV in your area I will be posting the interview on the Living Illusion website in the following weeks to come.

And add yourself as a friend to our myspace page at:

Keep on Rockin!


Shane Lamotte

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