Kingsknight Pub (Jet Nightclub) – September 1st 2006

Kings Knight Pub (Jet Nightclub) – Edmonton, AB – Sept 1st 2006

This was quite the show. Why you ask? Because previous members of the first incarnation of Living Illusion were at show and it was tons of fun. Some friends from Vancouver Island were at the show, including Brody Slater, Stacy Mack and Christina Cholfi.

So any way, we got the gig through the previous bass player of Stereo Therapy, Phil. We we’re playing with a bunch of bands for an Indie Rock weekend… As a side note, the Kings Knight Pub is now The Jet Nightclub. We played with Okacadet, Face First, Lipht, and The Omega Theory.

It was like any usual gig, except with more drinking, partying and rockin’ out. This was not the first time we played the Kings Knight so sound check along with every thing else was a breeze. When we were ready to play the crowd was full and the drinks were flowing.

We played some songs that we don’t usually play that night in honor of the previous LI members… You Got to… is 6 years old.

After the usual set we sold some CDs and hung out for the rest of the bands… well at least until Brody got kicked out for being toooo drunk. That was quite the experience. I swear to god the bouncer was going to kill him, but luckily I was there to save the day and get him the hell out of there before shit got outta hand.

Was definitely an interesting night.

If I could remember more I would write about it… hah…

Happy and Fulfilled,

Shane Lamotte

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