Rock at the Ranch w/ Portal – September 2nd 2006

Rock at the Ranch – Rangeton AB – Sept 2nd 2006

We we’re invited to play the “Band Ranch” event which happens every year and features a slew of bands. The event is organized and head up by Darryl Bowers. He saw us play at a show earlier in the year and invited us to come out.

some of the other bands that we played with include: S.O.S., Redline, Freeburn, Flynch, Scratch, Swarm, Fatty Jones, Rigveda, Portal, Shattered Core, Foof Doogan. All the bands we’re from different parts of Alberta.

We we’re slotted to play on Saturday night before Rigveda and Portal took the stage. A quick drive out of the city to the location and it was already time to do a sound check. Short and sweet (just the way sound check should be) we were ready to take the stage. As we were playing we could literally see groups of people making there way down to the stage.

The event is outdoors and there is camping on site, so as we played more and more people starting making there way out. It was pretty cool. By the time we had finished our set there was a nice following of people rockin’ out.

Since the night was still young we stuck around and watched the next bands that we were playing with. Every one at the event was very talented…

We hope to play another Band Ranch soon, and want to give a great big thanks to Darryl for calling us out to play. Next time, I’ll definitely be staying the night and getting wasted with the rest of the campers!

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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