Edson Festival – August 18th 2006

Edson Festival – Edson AB – August 18th 2006

What can I say….

So we got this gig through our friend in Edson Lee Freezen who was doing the sound for this event. It was the Carnival that was held once a year in Edson. When we left Edmonton to make the trek to Edson it was windy and grey skies were every where. Speeding like no tomorrow to make it on time I’m surprised I didn’t get stopped for speeding.

When we arrived at the event, the clouds were coming in… this is never a good thing for outdoor gigs. There were other bands also playing to a group of Carnival goers, whom had been watching… When they were done we started loading our gear on stage.

There was going to be no sound check for this. 15 minutes later we were playing our songs and rocking out. There was a big crowd, nice size, every one was enjoying it… Until it hit. Thunder crashing you could hear the rain coming. Huge amounts of rain and what may have been hail started coming down.

Half way through our set all of the gear was starting to get wet and malfunction, my amp and pedals were going wacky as all hell…. But that didn’t stop us, our sound guy Lee was running around like a mad man cover gear with Tarps and doing his best…. As they say, the show must go on.

Aside from the complications, we had a solid crowd of hard core fans that stuck around and watched us finish our set as best we could. They even asked where they could find the tabs to our songs. Edson is such an awesome town.

Props to Lee for calling us out and to every one who stayed to watch, it was hella fun and maybe next time we’ll bring a bigger tent to play in.

Happy and Fulfilled,

Shane Lamotte

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