Summer is Almost Over!

And to think the summer is almost over, kind of depressing actually. But what can I say, it has been a decent summer, the band is busier than it’s ever been and gigging has really paid off. Getting phone calls from venues and promoters requesting us to play for them is a very good sign; it shows that the word is spreading and that we’re well on our way towards accomplishing our goals.

By the end of the summer we will have played more gigs than I can count with my shoes on. With all the different events taking place with our name on the bill the band has hardly had a single weekend off. I must inform you though, after August (and the first weekend in September) we will be slowing down with our touring and taking some much needed time to work on new material.

In September Jason and I will begin writing and recording some amazing new material; our goal is to have a new album ready for release within a year. We will put some clips up on the site of the new material and possibly release a demo this winter with a few tracks on it. Needless to say our upcoming music will be very evolved.

Last night we played at the new Sidetrack Café in Edmonton, it’s a very nice venue. After our show, the booking manager came up to the band and told us that “You guys [Living Illusion] are one of the best new rock bands in the city”. Coming from him was really cool considering the Sidetrack Café is considered one of the best venues for independent bands in Western Canada.

On that note, I think you should come see us play at one of our upcoming gigs :). We will be playing in Edson Alberta on Friday the 18th (this weekend) at 9:00PM for there town festival, then on Friday the 1st of September we will be playing at the Kings Knight Pub and on Saturday the 2nd we will be playing at the Rock at the Ranch festival in Rangeton, Alberta.

Well, there’s not too much else to report other than the fact that I will be adding some more show reviews and blog articles to the website. We’re still working on pulling together some live video footage from the last 20 shows that we played to post on the site so hopefully we can get it up soon.

Hope you have been enjoying the summer 🙂

Happy and Fulfilled,

Shane Lamotte

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