Sidetrack Cafe – August 15th 2006

Sidetrack Cafe – Edmonton AB – Aug 15th ’06 – Past

I got an email from Brent Oliver the former promoter for the Sidetrack (I say former because sadly the Sidetrack Café has closed down for good, and it will be missed, 25 years of serving the Edmonton rock scene). So I got an email, and it was Brent asking me if we wanted to Headline a gig at the Sidetrack Café. We agreed right away.

After finding parking right down town we loaded all the gear inside into the non-existent green room (pretty much a hallway next to the stage). As always the Sidetrack looked amazing inside and there stage size was nice and big. We we’re playing with the bands.. yah I forgot there names, but they were both great.

Playing so many gigs over the summer everything started to feel like second nature to us. Getting prepared, talking to the promoter, sound guy, grabbing a drink, waiting for our set. All these things now that were so new at one point were now very familiar. It was nice to be back at the Sidetrack almost exactly a year since our CD release party there.

Our set was great, great crowd, great bands that played alongside us and an all around awesome time. We played the usual 45 minute set and ended heavy and hard. After our set Brent (Sidetrack Promoter) came up to us and told us that he thinks we’re one of the best hard rock bands in the city of Edmonton, it was totally awesome coming from a music scene veteran like him.

Even though we didn’t know it, this was the last gig that we ever got to play there (as it’s now closed as of February 15th 2007) I’d just like to say that all the staff there were amazing. The promoters, managers, bar tenders, and servers all treated the band well and even the owner came out during our CD release party and told us that we put on a great show.

We loved this venue and the Café will be missed; were happy that we got to play at an amazing venue multiple times (at multiple locations).

Thanks for everything, Rest in Peace.

– Shane Lamotte

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