The Northern – July 30th 2006

The Northern – Terrace BC – July 30th ’06

This gig should definitely be classified as a journey. Terrace, for those of you who don’t know, is on the east side of British Columbia, about an hour from the north pacific coast. Its closest city is Prince Rupert, which is a fishing/harbor town (at least that’s what I hear).

The drive from Edmonton was long but we still drove it in one day… that’s not accurate, I drove it in one day, hyped up on Red Bull and Rockstars. The drive lasted about 17 hours, was about 1500 kilometers and was intense. Although, after Prince George the drive became depressing, seeing all the tree’s that have been ravaged by the Mountain Pine Beetle is not a happy sight to see.

We eventually arrived in Terrace and took some time out of our day (well the next day) and postered the entire town, not that it took a long time. It’s definitely a small town; I think the biggest building was the Wal-Mart. Through all our postering travels we found a giant river that goes through town, so we went down there and chilled.

The next day, we attended our drummers’ wedding (Ohh yah I forgot to mention he was getting married) which was fun. It was basically a whole lot of getting dressed up, and a whole lot of getting drunk… but not too much as we had to play the next day. (Side note: Don’t drink shooters of Scotch).

So finally came our night to rock out at “The Northern” (Terrace’s most happening bar and hotel). Considering the size of Terrace, and the fact that we were playing on a Sunday, the amount of people that came out to see us play was pretty good. We we’re the only band playing that night and we had two sets of 45 minutes.

I think Jason’s favorite part of this event was the ability to smoke in the bar (something which no longer exists in Edmonton). It was a very laid back gig and we got to rock out and have fun at our leisure. Everyone there loved us, especially the staff whom invited us back for a Saturday night gig when the place is packed.

In the end we drank all our free booze, sold a stack of CDs, crashed in the comped hotel rooms and didn’t want to get up in the morning and drive back… but in the end that’s what we did… or should I say I did as no one else drives. Hah.

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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