Rock Festivals: Join Us This Summer!

So we didn’t win the Stripdown contest, but we’re still very happy that we we’re selected and competed in one of Edmonton’s only band showcases. The contacts that we made at the event, be it other bands or business contacts, are priceless. We have already started to get invites to other events because of it. Thanks again for voting.

Things have been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks, organizing shows, booking the band, and promoting are very time consuming. Jason and I have been hitting the studio on a weekly basis to record new material and I must admit it’s going very well. At the pace we’re going we will have an entire second album of material by this winter.

We currently have 5 upcoming gigs in the next month and a half. All of the rock festivals in Alberta have been inviting us to come out and join them, it’s very exciting. Although because of these requests our BC tour is not going to be happening this summer as planned.

To see all of our upcoming tour dates press below:

Also I have been writing little reviews of all of our gigs, with stories of what happened. If you’re interested in reading them they can be found on our tour page listed above. As a side note, there may possibly be a show at The Bluff in Kelowna with Lynyrd Skynyrd if we win our next battle of the bands at the Trans Alta Theatre.

So on that note, come out and join us for some live entertainment. If you live in Alberta we have lots of shows coming up and I expect to see you at all of them… hehe… well at least one of them.

Take care and have an excellent day 🙂

Shane Lamotte

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