The Risk

People everywhere all the time, you can’t escape it. I guess you can leave if you want. You can go into the wilderness and build yourself a cabin somewhere unknown, hide in the woods, create your own home away from society, isolate yourself and become completely self sufficient. Maybe that would be good. Maybe it would be good to go out on your own and stay for an extended period of time in a remote location. Go somewhere away from the pace of city life. Come to think of it, at this day and age what an experience that would be for all the city dwellers who have never left the fast pace life of the metropolis to enter that unknown realm.

It’s funny because if the people I was surrounded with were people that all lived on a farm I would probably be telling them to move to the city to experience city life. It’s all relative. There was a religious man who once said that hell wouldn’t be extreme heat, it would be extreme heat until you started to get used to it, then it would switch to extreme cold, then back to extreme heat until infinity. Now, I’m not one to believe in hell, other than the ones that people some times create for themselves, but that quote certainly helps explain the point of how things can unconsciously become “comfortable”.

Now there is nothing wrong with being comfortable and yet as human beings we sometimes get stuck in being “comfortable”. It tends to hold us back from accomplishing what we truly want to experience in life. It’s even sad some times because people end up being comfortable in really unhealthy circumstances. Being abused and not leaving the relationship, working a numbing job that serves no higher purpose, or even living a life of blind faith because that’s how you were raised.

“I hate my job, but it’s comfortable” I’ve heard these words uttered on more than a dozen occasions. What is the true reason we don’t change what were doing? Is it because we enjoy the suffering? Is it because we’re lying about hating our job and we actually love it? I think not. What it comes down to is the fear of the unknown, the fear of not knowing what will happen if we leave. The fear of not finding happiness in one way, shape or form. It’s been dumbed down to, “Well I couldn’t accomplish my dreams so I’ll settle for this”.

We end up living our life’s “Plan B”. Well I say SCREW Plan B. There should be no Plan B to your dreams and goals. Your dreams should be what you create, your goals should be manifesting themselves everyday, there is no need to settle for anything less. Don’t get trapped in the rat race where every one says to you “Well that’s a nice Idea… but don’t quit your day job”. To hell with them, what do they know? Just because they are unable to open their eyes and go after what they truly want in life doesn’t mean that you have to join the collective unconscious.

We all have the power to create whatever we want to experience in this life. There is only one thing that separates those who do and do not. This is the thing that separates the wealthy from the poor and the lions from the sheep. It is simply this. The will to ACT. The desire to show up. Being great, and accomplishing amazing things is simple, you just have to do it. That’s what it takes, the will show up. And you’ll find that once you start, it makes it very easy for you to create what you want, simply because VERY FEW DO. All it takes is will, and a dream.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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