Elemental: this word is a sign post. It points towards what the mystics have searched for. It’s the formless form. It’s the first moment beyond the moment. It’s pure Truth; it’s that one total aware experience; when you not only live in the stream, you become the stream. It’s the place where all things exist. It is the True nature of the universe.

Living in alignment with this nature; we are all tied to this. When we live from this place we truly see, and all things are let go. Yet, this is not something that can be sought after; the seeking only leads to further separation. Even these words are empty, they are only pointing; they are a boat to be left behind once you reach the other side.

These words can seem very paradoxical. It is very difficult to talk about Truth, not truth as in relative facts “the sky is blue, etc” but Truth. It’s like telling some one to truly see, we always see with our eyes all the time so people become confused. True seeing goes beyond. It is to be entirely in the moment, so when you do see, you become seeing; there is no past, there is no future, there is no subject, there is no object, and there is no mind.

To practice Zen is to experience every moment in this way; completely and fully aware yet with no roots. It is to live from a place that goes beyond and transcends preconceived notions; where every moment is peaceful and you are a snowflake within the fire. This doesn’t mean that you become cold to emotions; it simply means that you are completely immersed in the moment with out being attached.

I use the word Elemental as a signpost to remind me to live in my element; from that place the universe becomes whole. It is no longer “my” element; it becomes the elemental nature of the universe that all of us share. When we live with that level of awareness at all times everything is complete. Not only does our life align with our True passion but we also live from a place that is compassionate and wholehearted.

You can work really hard to learn about this, you can read all the books on God, the Universe, Buddhism, Christ Consciousness, Taoism, Mindfulness, and Quantum Physics, but ultimately you would be served much better to simply listen to the nature within yourself. As the authority on your own life all the spiritual books in the world will only lead you back to what you already know.

There is nothing that you have to do. Chasing, seeking, searching, are all useless. There is nothing wrong with mental stimulation to help show you signs, but ultimately it would serve you more to simply calm the mind and listen to your true nature. The nature beyond the ego, beyond right and wrong, and beyond likes and dislikes.

All suffering in life is made manifest by lack of living from this place. When you have problems don’t try to stick a band aid on it, go back, go way back to the real cause. If you live in your Element every moment of every day and experience your True Self, it will end suffering on all levels.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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