What a wonderful concept patience is. I would define this as, the ability to experience “waiting” while being emotionally detached. What a beauty it would be if every one learned to be patient. I find that most of the time, when some one has to wait for something (no matter what it is) the longer they have to wait, the more emotions start to negatively take over. When ever I’m in a line I can see and feel all these people around me thinking: why is this taking so long, I have things I have to do you know, this is a complete waste of my time, I shouldn’t have to wait here for this. Every one just becomes consumed by there emotions.

Oddly enough, it reminds me of doing the dishes. I’m not talking about putting them in the dish washer and letting it do all the work for you, I’m talking about elbow grease dish washing, scrubbing the dishes hard and heavy, and getting them cleaned really well. I used to hate doing the dishes. I Despised it. I would always just hope some one else did them, but I couldn’t get away with it forever, I eventually had to start doing them myself. When it was time to begin, I would cringe, get irritated, frustrated, and procrastinate as much as possible…. Then one day a friend & roommate of mine (who also hated doing the dishes) said, “Why don’t we just consciously choose to enjoy doing the dishes? Why don’t we stop telling ourselves that doing the dishes sucks and just do them with out judging it in a negative way.”

This is the point where I stop the story I’m telling and take you some where else. Cleary we all know where the story is going, the power of thought, and the ability to change your attitudes and your emotional state by consciously choosing to think in a different way. We’ve all heard this a thousand times already. The reason why I’m stopping here is to make a point. Make the point that when ever a story like this is told, it seems stupid. Unrealistic. Hell I know some people that get angry when you say to them it’s all a matter of attitude and perception. It appears that most people don’t like to be told that they’re suffering is their own creation, and that the solution is within.

I’m sorry; actually no I’m not, because in all honesty YOU do create your own suffering. Get over it, let it go, and change your fracking mind. You have the power to experience what ever emotion you want. Suffering is an illusion created by you and experienced through you. It’s time to stop lying to yourself. You have the power, just believe and it will be so.

I have a quote that I’ve been carrying with me for the last couple of years. I take it every where with me and I think it’s an amazing quote. “You can’t rationalize, with those acting irrational”. This is something that I will never forget. It’s something that rings true in every experience I’ve ever had. I always rationalize things, I can’t not, I have no choice in the matter. It’s essentially my nature. I look at probabilities and statistics, I think things through, I weigh the pros and cons, and I never, never, choose to worry.

So I guess on that note, I shall end with; you get more flies with honey. It’s only but a choice between being happy and being frustrated. Between fear and love. Choose to feel how you want to feel, don’t give that power to some one else.

It’s your power, use it.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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