The Accumulation of Laws

Men fight for freedom; then they begin to accumulate laws to take it away from themselves. – Unknown Author

Our government says that laws are created to protect our individual freedoms. Yet, those “elected representatives”, who get to choose what we are all to consider to be “allowable freedoms”, don’t even live in the same lifestyle as the general population. They are a minority. Why do we give them the right to make the decisions for the whole? In theory, as a society we choose our own laws by way of electing our representatives to make those important decisions for us. Who we elect is completely up to us. We could elect Joe Schmoe from down the street as an independent candidate who lives with the same lifestyle as the general population, if we wanted. But for the most part people vote for a ‘party’ and not the individual person as independent candidates usually have little or no power. We have gotten farther and farther away from being a true democracy because we have ‘parties’. Maybe the voters should unite and approach the House of Commons with bills that they want passed and then the country should vote on them together as a whole.

Ultimately it boils down to personal responsibility of everyone involved in the process… from the voters, to the voted. Our society has gotten too lazy to give a shit anymore, however, and so we just sit back and accept what they decide for us. The poor are the ones that suffer the most, and they don’t have the power or credibility to do anything about it. The rich are happy as can be with the tax laws and protection they get. Since we don’t want to be involved in the process we give the responsibility to those we elect and sometimes that bites us in the ass. What would things be like if we all took responsibility for what the country is like and how it runs?

There is a great disconnection going on between those who make the laws and those that obey them. Ask almost any cop if they consider pot smokers great criminals. Most of them will tell you they don’t. In fact as long as they’re caught without a large amount of weed on them they mostly (in Canada) get a slap on the wrist and sent on their way. The ones who become addicted to drugs and alcohol and whom have to steal to support their habit or eat for that matter are the ones who suffer from the laws created by the rich and powerful. What do they care? They don’t plan to steal because they have everything they need.

Perhaps we need to set up a group where they sit down and look at all our retarded laws and figure out what we need, what we don’t, and what needs revised. Cause I bet we have a law somewhere stating that you can’t dress a pig up on Sunday’s between 11 and 4 in order to take it to family supper. Although with most of these ideas maybe we need to figure out what would cause someone to want to do heroin, steal, kill, dress pigs up…

If the government wants to help, instead of making laws and putting people in jail maybe they should considering going back to the sponsoring thought that created the “unlawful” behavior and help to resolve whatever that issue is, exp. Hunger, addiction, suppression etc. But then again, if the majority of Canada is considered “middle class” then why does the rich minority make the laws any way?

Oh right, it’s because they have the money to get elected. It all comes back around full circle.

Maybe next election I’ll actually vote.

Happy & Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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