As I sit here writing these words I wonder in awe what is consciousness? What are these objects present in the room before me; this pad of paper, this pen, this chair, this table, this room. They have names, classifications, definitions but this is not what they are. These classifications are but ideas and concepts created through mans desire to understand and separate reality for the purpose of convienence and functionality.

If an object is not the idea or name of what it is, then what is it? What are these that I see with my eyes. Are they Quantum Particles, electrons, neutrons, protons, photons, waves, atoms, molecules, proteins, acids, cells, plants, wood, ink, how deep does it go?

It appears that no matter how hard you try to understand something you just fall right back into the rabbit hole of ideas and concepts, still searching, none of the answers truly satisfing the craving of the mind. This desire to know; to know what is real. To know if there is a point to this dream that we co-create.

No idea, no concept appears to resolve this paradox and confusion of life. It seems as though we’ve got it all backwards, we’ve all become confused. Over complicating only pushes us further and further from the truth. The Truth is but to look and realize that what you think is truth isn’t truth, that what you think is real isn’t real. Only then can we experience reality for what it is.

We must stop. We must calm our mind and become aware of this moment. This eternal moment of now that connects all things. The timelessness that is reality. And in that one completely empty full moment we can experience this and know what it all is. In that final moment of realization we will know in our body, mind, and soul what is real.

That we are One with all.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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