Action: The Bridge Between Yourself & The Universe

Your thoughts do NOT create your reality, your ACTIONS do. It may be true that your actions are a manifestation of the choices you make, but it’s not the thought that creates things, it’s the action you make. It’s the commitment to act and the action itself in each and every moment that creates reality.

You can believe that it’s right to be kind, to be loving and compassionate but if you never take the action behind the thoughts they are simply empty and meaningless. Too often I meet people along this journey of life that spiral down the path of procrastination. We must collectively realize that what must be done to create a better life for all is not thinking, its action; on all aspects of life.

In Zen this is what is known as practice, and the only thing that needs to be done is simply that, practice. In many forms of action (practice), it appears to me as though no one wants to act because it is viewed as too difficult too hard or simply because the person thinking about taking action doesn’t have faith in their ability to act and create. So in order to heal this illness of inaction and procrastination we must uncover what the core issues underneath it all are.

Some where along the process towards action people get stuck, the process looks like this: THOUGHTS >> FEELINGS >> ACTION, in that order. Each of the parts have their own issues or patterns that need to be overcome before the person thinking about acting can get to that final stage which is the action itself. Many of the guru’s and masters have transcended this trinity living simply living in action (no mind).

The idea that thoughts create reality is one that doesn’t tell the full story, it’s almost a paradox. When I share this idea with others (that thoughts create reality) the first response is always “So how come I’m not on the beach in Hawaii because that’s what I’m thinking”. The best example of this is when people say “If I think this cigarette is good for me then it is.” Well that is all great that you can think positively about smoking but why not drink a jug of Gasoline and see what happens even if you’re thinking that Gas is healthy and good for you.

Saying “Thoughts Create Reality” is not an accurate observation of the way we experience reality. It doesn’t add up… It doesn’t add up because it’s not the way we experience reality. When sharing this concept with someone we need to change this idea to “Your Thoughts Create Reality through Your Feelings and Ultimately Action”. Only then is the picture complete and can people begin to realize that this isn’t just some “New Age” idea.

I’m not saying that your thoughts don’t affect reality and other material things, because they can and do, quantum physics, water crystals and random number generators have proven this. What I am saying though is that if we want to see results in our life and truly create a new reality we must bring action into the equation.

So the next time you think about the grandest idea of who you could become… DO IT! Follow through, ACT, BECOME THAT. No more wasted days and nights; action is the missing link, follow your dreams, create your own beautiful reality, action is the bridge between what are and what you want to become. Don’t procrastinate you have the power in you to create whatever you want to.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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