Random Questions

Q: How do we break free of our imposed limitations and in essence become part of our higher self that certain religions talk about… our higher consciousness?

A: The way to break free of our imposed limits is to live in a state of no mind, with no preconceived notions, and no perceptions, being simply an open stream, because in that state of nothingness is the totality of experience, experienced. Nothing is the absence anything, which holds the possibilities of everything. People experience this all the time with out being aware of it. In turn through the new found effortless effort you would live from that state of your higher self. Buddhists call it Enlightenment; New Age Christians call it Christ Consciousness, but I simply call it Awareness.

Q: If human eyes can only pick up certain light spectrums, frequencies and vibrations. (And we know for a fact that there are many spectrums and frequencies that our eyes cannot pick up.) Can there exist intelligent, sentient life forms that survive on these higher frequencies/vibration/spectrums on this earth?

A: In the universe of infinite possibilities I don’t see why there couldn’t be other sentient life forms that exist on higher frequencies on earth. Although, technology and science has advanced to a point where the human eyes no longer need to do the initial observing as a computer can do it, and process it in a way for the eyes to understand. I feel that it is improbable that other sentient beings live on earth in different frequencies but still a possibility. As for training our eyes to pick up on other spectrums, people who claim to see “Auras” or beings “Life Force” surrounding them say they can actually train you and teach you how to see them. So I believe that yes we can train our eyes to see things that aren’t in our current spectrum of awareness, but as far as seeing other sentient beings in that spectrum I find it very improbable.

Q: If the universe is sentient, does it have to be sane?

A: The universe is experiencing all possibilities that exist in the present moment of now through the manifestations that have come from the void of infinite possibilities. It is experiencing the Insane & Sane, the Hot & Cold, the Love & Fear, and the Life & Death. Although, the universe in its oneness, isn’t tied down to human concepts like “Sanity”, that aspect of reality can be experienced by individuations of the universe like you or I or any other being that has created the concept of Sane and Insane. So to answer your question of whether the universe has to be sane, my response is that it is everything, and has no need. It simply is.

Q: Abortion?

A: In my eyes, all beings are conscious, if a House Fly was the size of a human being I’m sure some activist group would think that it was wrong to kill them, yet because there so small we don’t think about it. Whether it’s an embryo or fetus, it’s conscious, not to the same degree as us because Psychological Studies show that Human Babies don’t develop Mindfulness until 12 – 24 months (Reference – Relationship Development Intervention by Dr. Steven Gutstien), either way it’s still conscious…

Any way whether any of this mental masturbation matters or not, I am pro-choice; it most certainly is up to the woman who is carrying the child. Free will is a beautiful thing. There is no judgment day at the clearing; the only judgment that matters is the one you place on yourself. So the only question that must be asked is whether having an abortion is an expression of who they choose to be? And if they are happy about there choice that is what they will experience, happiness. Thoughts create perceptions create experience.

Q: Right and Wrong?

A: Right and wrong do not exist. Right and wrong is being redefined in every moment of reality based on your chosen perceptions. What you believe you perceive. You have the choice to make any decision right or wrong.

If you were stick to a moral “Law” of right and wrong, just for example: thou shall not lie. The day that you’re hiding Jewish people in your attic and the Nazi’s show up asking if you have any Jews in your house what are you going to do? Betray your religious moral laws, or god forbid lie and save the lives of the people in your attic.

You decide.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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