Evolved Society

You want to feel alive, then do some thing to feel that way; energy begets energy. Sitting in front of the TV every night watching bad re-runs of reality TV shows, it’s no wonder we feel as though there is nothing to live for. In this society of instant gratification and lack of appreciation I’m surprised that there’s even people wondering why the western world is in the state it’s in. It’s quite obvious in my opinion.

Wake up, turn off alarm, shower, go to work, come home, sit in front of TV, eat, repeat process. Honestly I’m sick and tired. We’re all gerbils living our lives grinding the gears of the machine… and it’s not like we want to, we’ve just been constantly pounding with the illusion that there is no other choice. What a sad machine we have built.

A machine where the rich get richer, and every one else gets poorer. The American dream, of “making it”, 2 cars, nice house, 2 kids, good jobs, happy marriage, boy is that becoming more and more difficult for the average citizen. Buying power each year for the average person just keeps decreasing and decreasing.

Has no one connected the dots? This slow century long process to get the majority of the population closer and closer to slavery, and put more and more power into the hands of a few. It’s sad that we have yet to take the 1.2 trillion dollars a year that the globe spends on nuclear weapons and various other military expenses, and put that into say, feeding the people that are starving to death and educating people to read and write.

One point two trillion dollars every year spent on fear; people fearing one another; people choosing to live in fear instead of love. What a life to live. A life of being scared. Who wants to live like that? Why can’t every one just get along? What a concept, don’t kill each other! Wow, I could be a scholar. We need to make a change. We need to make a stand. The people of planet earth have to let go of the archaic beliefs that no longer support an evolved society.

I think it’s time for a revolution.

Happy and Fulfilled,
Shane Lamotte

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